Unique Content in Bulk Quantity with Content Spiffer 1.4.2

Content Spiffer 1.4.2 Free Download


Content Spiffer can mix a vast number of articles together. Blending is completed separately from the projects wont to add links, images, and videos. All you’ve got to try to to to blend articles is select a piece of writing directory (or multiple directories, which can be blended separately), pick a blending method, and hit the button!

Content Spiffer takes a special approach by blending content that you’ve got already acquired and adding your own links, images, videos, keywords and customised text. this permits you to show your old, over-scraped, over-used articles into fresh unique content! Need Unique Content? Content Spiffer is that the ultimate tool for producing huge volumes of Unique Content! it isn’t a scraper, and it isn’t a spinner


Download Content Spiffer 1.4.2 Free   2,5 mb



Features of Content Spiffer 1.4.2:

  • Randomly insert links, images, videos and plain text from lists into articles.
  • Blend articles together at the paragraph or sentence level.
  • Pattern controls let you determine how and where elements are inserted.
  • Pattern rule sets are saved for use in future projects.
  • Random URL & keyword selection is balanced to avoid redundancy.
  • Supports HTML, BBCode and Wiki Markup.
  • Can insert single elements, or multiple elements in spintax format.
  • Content Spiffer gives you an ideal balance of control and randomness, allowing you to create fresh content with relevant links, images and URLs from even the most used and abused articles!
  • Four different methods for blending articles at the paragraph or sentence level.
  • Spintax Friendly! You can blend articles and insert links, images, videos and text even if your articles have already been spun.
  • Blender’s Single File Output lets you compile a bunch of separate articles into a single content file, and can output it in spintax format as well!
  • Spintax Validator makes it easy to make sure there is no broken spintax in your articles prior to validating.
  • Option to preserve articles titles when blending or inserting links, images, videos and text.