Traffic Spirit Review | [Paid Traffic] Advantages And Disadvantages Using Traffic Spirit


Traffic Spirit Review | [Paid Traffic] Advantages And Disadvantages Using Traffic Spirit

This might be the first time your hearing the word/term “Traffic Spirit“. On this post, I will talk more about traffic spirit review, featuring all you need to know about this online bot traffic generator.

I already mentioned on my first paragraph what traffic spirit really is; “an online bot traffic generator” in other words, Traffic spirit is an online Robot, script or software for generating unlimited traffic on your site.

Blogging Niche doesn’t matter if in term of generating traffic on your site with the IPTS traffic script/software.

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Functions Of Traffic Spirit

  • Running Status: It shows status divided into normal, limit, failure. Pls, click the Fix button to check what’s wrong if status’s not normal, then solve the problem.
  • Running Mode: It’s divided into Traffic Mode and Integral Mode. User can get traffic in Traffic Mode, points in Integral Mode. The registration user could get service with a point.
  • Settings: It includes Auto-Run, Show Tray Icon, UI hide/Show Shortcut,Auto shutdown functions etc.
  • Number: It’s unique number allocated by software after added every site. Pls, provide the number to query the status when contacting with customer service.You could click Number to paste site to clipboard.
  • My Site: By default, the software will visit subpage at random after added sites to need traffic. User could click the site to change the setting.
  • Time(min): It’s total time Spirit spent on site every day, for example, daily traffic is 100 IP, time 2 min for every IP, then total time is 200 min.
  • Today Traffic: It’s two groups of data, the former shows traffic has bee used for the site, the later shows traffic to be needed today. It takes IP as unit.
  • Status: It’s two groups of data, the former shows the proportion of successful visit on My Site, the later shows time to open My Site.
  • Site Control: It shows the status of the site is online, Online, Stop/Start and Del.It will get traffic when site being online.
  • Set/Export: You can change all kinds of setting for site and export, also load the setting into the testing tool to check if it’s right.
  • Available Visit Time(min): It’s allocated as per PC configuration(CPU and Memory).It will be consumed when adding sites.
  • Number of Sites: It’s audible. The number will be the same in every software.
  • Add Site: You can add the site to need traffic in the list and make details when adding sites.

Let’s get to know more about this Bot Traffic Generator below so as to know if it’s all scam or legit traffic generator.

Is Traffic Spirit Legit or Scam?

This indeed is a question am sure you are already longing to know and I’ve gathered everything here for you.

Traffic Spirit is a real bot traffic generator. What i meant is “
traffic generator”. It works great.

Hold on Cowboy!

Don’t just rush to their website without checking the advantage and disadvantages of using traffic spirit on your site and your device.

Let’s look at the advantages first so as to draw your attention more on this online tool for generating unlimited traffic from your site.

Advantages Of Using Traffic Spirit On Your Site

  • This software gets you a lot of traffic without spending anything
  • This tool drives traffic to your site from Google and other search engines
  • This software works pretty cool with Adsense in increasing your ads revenue
  • It decreases your working time as a blogger.

With all these mentioned, I already believe you are eager to start using this software on your site so as to benefit from all the mentioned advantages. Just remember that everything that has an advantage also have disadvantages.

With the look of things, I only mentioned four advantages of using traffic spirit tool on your site.

Watch out for the disadvantages cause it would be more than just 4.

Disadvantages On Using Traffic Spirit On Your Site

  • It is a virus if ever download this software and extracted it with having antivirus then the antivirus automatically remove it from your PC.
  • This takes a lot of time.
  • This makes your PC also a bot device because they drive traffic to your website through this method.
  • Restricted content should be open on your PC.
  • They use the same ip address many times.
  • You might get your AdSense Banned With them
  • This tool highly effect in decreasing your search ranking

With all these, am sure you’ve got the full intro whether or not to use traffic spirit as a blogger on your blog. I must say its cool and a thing of choice if you know you are ready to face the disadvantages part.

IPTS Traffic Spirit Review: What I Have To Say About Using This Free Traffic Generator On Your Website.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a thing of choice.

Using traffic Spirit to drive traffic will surely get you traffic that will increase. Also, note that this will reduce your Alexa rank to standard, but it’s like stealing other peoples money to get rich. even though you’re rich, you will still remain illegal. that’s just a good example of using traffic Spirit.

This is my honest review on traffic spirit and I titled this post as “Traffic Spirit Review” so am sure you are expecting the best out of a pro like me.

Remember, your Google Adsense is also not saved so why will you use something that will destroy your blogging career? With all that I’ve said, you should know that I don’t recommend them but remember, it’s a thing of choice and everything is entitled to all decision he/she takes in life.

I still remain Emmanuel Husseni, your super admin and I just disclose what feel about this so-called Traffic Spirit of a thing on my review titled, “Traffic Spirit Review” featuring all advantages and disadvantages of this traffic software.

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