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Hi guys,

  Today I give you a hd quality earning application aia file.this application name is fruity reward earning application.
This application made on appybuilder also open on thunkable appybuilder.the application is completely professional designed and you have to change only adunit.
How to open:

STEP 1: Go to (appybuilder) and sign in to account.
STEP 2: Click on the (Apps tab) on the top left of your screen.
STEP 3: Click (upload app project .aia) from my computer.
STEP 4: Select the project that you previously download.
STEP 5: Remove all the admob ID,
SREP 6: sign in into admob and creat ads copy all the ads ane by one and past in your porject
STEP 7: Reomve Fire base ID and sign in to firebse account and put your ids,

STEP 8: build you app and than upload to ( google Drive or playstore)
OralCash Earning app Aia File

 Link 1

Link 2


Fruity reward earning application

Mcash Earning Aia File

Best  Earning Application

CashBuddy  Earning app aia file

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