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The best 4 chinese beauty apps that stunned the world

The best 4 chinese beauty apps that stunned the world

The best 4 chinese beauty apps that stunned the world
Best Chinese photo editing apps: hello friends! you are welcome again. I hope all of you are doing well, today we have an article that includes some popular Chinese apps, basically, they are selfie camera and photo editing apps. You should be knowing about some of them or maybe you are familiar with all of them, I assume!

Whatever, we are here to discuss them in this article where I will show you the best and top 4 Chinese beauty apps that stunned the world and china is especially known for them and also for some time these Chinese photo editor apps have ruled the play store by a sudden storm!

To know these amazing photo editors and their outstanding features be here with us they are maybe going to make your day. So, are you ready to make your day an awesome one? I think I know the answer and I should not be wasting your time. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Chinese beauty apps

1. Pitu

best chinese photo editing apps

I can�t help putting this app on the top of the all as this application has amazing creativity with its amazing features, effects, filters, stickers and much more.

The interesting thing about pitu photo editor is it comes with video editing option and is also known to be best Chinese video editor app nowadays! You can read here the complete pitu app review to know more deeply about this app and not miss this amazing app.

You also can edit your videos with your favourite music and effects, I promise you this is one of the best and probably the best on Chinese photo editor.

2. SelfieCity

Selfie City The best chinese beauty apps
SelfieCity is another photo editing freak that gives you some unforgettable selfie filters and effects to your selfies and photos.

Selfiecity camera allows you to take a selfie or to take a selected picture from your device gallery to edit it and apply the filters and features.

Selfiecity photo editor comes with filters like (based on city and place name) hongkong, newyork, Hollywood etc. and there are also many more amazing features and effects like ctrl park, Brooklyn, manhattan, wallstreet, queens etc.

This Chinese photo editor will probably help you make your selfies go viral.

3. Makeup plus

popular chinese apps

Chinese photo editor are obviously amazing but all they are around makeup and beauty in common and this is also not an exception. This beauty cameras offer what one needs generally and that is what makeup plus is all about. Makeup plus is an awesome tool to create amazing selfies and photos with great features.

Here you got selfie, touch up, counter and trending option available with extra amazing features each has. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

You can here take a selfie and can apply hundreds of filters, effects and much more. You can do complete makeup with your face in photos and that makes this app different from all the others generally.

For more you can use tutorial features which is free in the application and doesn�t require any data connection, using this feature you can learn the complete process to edit your pictures and selfies.


best chinese photo editing apps
Meitu is another great Chinese application and the major app of the company which is meitu, inc.

For the surprise except pitu app, all the application mentioned here are by meitu apps or meitu, inc. company.

Meitu app is the leading application in this race, which is also of longer run and you can keep it in your device.

Meitu easy beauty cam photo editor allows you take selfies and select photos from gallery to edit them with various features, filters and effects and it doesn�t end here! You also can enhance your pics.

You can try makeup option like other apps which has many options and features available and that is the reason why this app is the most downloaded among them all.

Makeup option can do more fun like changing skin, making it smoother, whiter, you can set height, enlarge eyes, remove dark-circles, set brightness, reshape and slim it and also can remove acne.

Here is the review for you to know more about this app, check it out meitu easybeauty cam photo editor.

College maker is the next feature of meitu which allows you to make a college pic and that includes up to 9 images in a single pic, now you can create and save the memories experienced with friends and family members!

To download more features online you can use the material option in meitu app and make your photos look more amazing and keepable.
You don�t have to worry about the advice to use it or any skills as there is already an option where you can find tutorials and can learn to edit your photos which is completely free.


The best thing about these photo editing apps that you can download them for free on the play store and they are all free for lifetime, you just don�t have to pay any fees to use these applications.

These popular chines apps don�t require any maintenance, by this I mean they are little in size and you will not be wasting any more data or any extra mega-bites to download them. They are light in weight so will not harm your mobile or any device you are using they will even not make your device hang.

Chinese beauty apps are fun to use! I strongly hope this article will be helpful to you and that is what I want by this post. And definitely, if you can face any issue, you can comment below freely.

Please if there is any other Chinese photo editing app in your mind which you think to be useful then please kindly suggest us, it will be worth sharing.

Thank you for being with us and giving us your precious time!

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Latest AIA Horn App files free download for thunkable

Latest AIA Horn App files free download for thunkable 

Latest AIA Horn App files free download for thunkable


This AIA file is created in thunkable and we can create a horn application with this AIA file. This app has both icon design and Splash Screen. This app has a category section which includes air horns, police sirens etc. When we click on each horn that reads each. The Categories section includes the Exit button and the blow horn section including the Home button. This AIA File can work in Kodular or makeroid, application inventor and Appybuilder.

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Best Ping Pong game ever AIA download file for Appybuilder

 Best Ping Pong game ever AIA download file for Appybuilder 


This AIA file works in Appybuilder and we can create a ping pong game with this AIA file. This Game has a simple splash screen and nine levels and a daily bonus system. This is the best game ever in thunkable, Kodular, App Inventor and Appybuilder. The game has a selection of settings where we can control the music and sound in the App. We can add video ads in this game and get more revenue from this. This app shows the score in the Formate coin and shows the number of stars how the level finishes. Ball speed increases with each level. Each level has a target coin to complete the level. This app has a simple exit button that is similar in appearance of the app. By learning the block of this game we can make this game in thunkable, inventor of the application and the Kodular.

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free download Phone Information app aia file for makeroid

free download Phone Information app aia file  for makeroid

free download Phone Information app aia file  for makeroid

Description: This aia file made in makeroid or kodular and we can create a mobile info app or phone info app with this aia file. The app has a simple splash screen with dynamic loading arrangement. The app shows the full info of our mobile. The App shows the following Information:

  • Brand Name
  • Android Version
  • API Version
  • Model Name
  • Hardware

Also, The app detects the following Sensors:

  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Location sensor
  • Gravity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Screen Orientation sensor
  • Accelerometer sensor

The app has reload button if any information change and also have the simple exit button. By studying this app we can create such app in app inventor, Thunkable and Appybuilder




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WhatsApp Video Status app aia file for makeroid [download]

 WhatsApp Video Status app aia file for makeroid [download]

WhatsApp Video Status app aia file for makeroid [download]

Description: This aia file work in makeroid or kodular and we can create a WhatsApp status app with this aia file. The app has a simple splash screen with slider menu. The app shows the home, trending section and categories section. The home contains the new videos uploaded to the app, the trending section contains the trending videos in the app and the categories section has the number of categories such as love, sad and funny category etc. The slider menu has home, rate us, share the app, privacy policy and exit buttons. When clicking on any video the new screen open in the app that shows video player, video download and  share button. The app also shows the related videos below the video player. The app is fully dynamic and created with airtable.



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6 Easy Step to Download GTA Vice City for Android

6 Easy Step to Download GTA Vice City for Android 

6 Easy Step to Download GTA Vice City for Android

You can download GTA Vice City without Reading this post on playstore but you will have to pay 2.5$. if you want to enjoy the same game same features then you can download GTA Vice City free apk for your android with the help of this article.

Before you learn the complete process make sure you are using android having wifi or 4G data connection and ES File Explorer download it here.

So make sure you will not run out of your mobile data limit, hope you have enough mobile data so it will not be exhausted.

1. First of all click the link below to download and go to the download page.Click here Gta Vice City Download Link (Click Here To Download).

2. once you click on the link just scroll down and you will see something like below

how to download gta vice city for android

See the screenshot there are to download file just download both the file then.

The one is apk file and the other one is zip file.

3. after downloading both the file, first of all open the Zip file. 

In some androids you can open zip file while in others you can�t so simply open it with ES File Explorer. If you have not downloaded it yet click on the link.

4. Once you open zip file you will see file/folder like com.rockstargames.gtavc  just extract it.

5. once you extract the folder just move it in Sdcard/android/obb/

In all android phones there is obb folder and if you can�t find then don�t worry just create obb folder.

6. after moving your folder in obb folder it is all done just go and install the main app that you have downloaded.

 just install it and it will play on your android mobile enjoy GTA Vice City on your android phone.

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54 amazing android secret codes

54 amazing android secret codes 

Amazing All android secret codes

Here is the Android Secret Codes list below we have prepared for you which includes rich information for your knowledge. We strongly hope it will help you improve your Android experience and will provide ease. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

These secret codes include secret codes of Samsung, Secret codes for iPhone, Codes working with most of the cell phones, Nokia phones Secret codes, Chinese mobile codes and all Secret android Codes and more.

Android secret codes list

1.  *#*#232338#*#*   To show Wi-Fi mac address
2. *#*#232337#*#       Mobile Bluetooth address info
3. *#*#3264#*#*           RAM Version info
4. *#7465625#               Check Lock for status
5. *#*#273283*255*663282*#*#    All media files back up
6. *#12580*369#       Software and hardware information
7. *#*#3497153#*#*   Camera info
8. *#*#3436#*#*       Battery info
9. *#9090# or *#1111#   Enable device service mode
10. *#0228#    check battery status
11. *#06#    Check mobile�s IMEI 

Chinese mobile codes

1.  *#*#232338#*#*    To show Wi-Fi mac address
2. *#*#1472365#*#*   GPS test
3. *#*#1575#*#*   another GPS test
4. *#*#232331#*#*   Bluetooth test
5. *#*#232337#*#*   Shows Bluetooth device address
6. *#*#232339#*#*   Wlan test
7. *#*#2222#*#*    FTA HW version
8. *#*#1111#*#*    FTA SW Version
9. *#*#1234#*#*    PDA and phone
10. *#*#4986*2650468#*#*   PDA, Phone, H/W, RF call date
11. *#*#44336#*#*   PDA, phone, csc, buildtime, changelist number
12. *#*#12580*369#*#*   check software and hardware information
13. *#*#0228#*#*   check battery status
14. *2767*4387264636#   display product code
15. *#*#7465625#*#*   check phone lock status
16. *#*#272886#*#*    change automatic answer selection
17. *#*#2663#*#*   touch screen version
18. *#*#0782#*#*    real time clock test
19. *#*#0589#*#*   light censor test
20. *#*#0842#*#*   device test
21. *#*#0673#*#*     melody test
22. *#*#0*#*#*     LCD test
23. *#*#2664#*#*   Touch screen test
24. *#*#0588#*#*     proximity censor test
25. *#*#3264#*#*    RAM Version

Secret Codes for Samsung Phones

1. *#0*#   Test service mode
2. *2767*3855#   Reset: delete all data and reset all settings
3. *#2222#   Display hardware version
4. *#1234#   display firmware version
5. *#1111#   display software version
6. *#*#4636�*�*   test service mode
7. **67*number#   divert to the number
8. #67#    deactivate call diversion
9. ##67#   erase call diversion
10. *#67#     Request status for call diversion

Codes for Nokia mobile phones

1. *#7780#     Reset all settings
2. *#7380#     Hard reset: reset all settings and erase all data
3. *#92702689#   Service menu
4. *#67705646#   Erase provider logo
5. *#7370925538#   Rase suitcase
6. *#2820#    Display Bluetooth device address
7. *#62209526#   Display MAC device address
8. ##634#   start a diagnostic tool

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Download Pes 2019: Pro Development Soccer

Download Pes 2019: Pro Development Soccer

PES 2019: Pro development soccer – command a football game team, accept matches inwards unlike leagues, purchase in addition to sell football game players, win championships.

Download Pes 2019: Pro Development Soccer

Android 5.0 in addition to higher.

 PES 2019: Pro development soccer

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Download Destiny Warfare : Fps Futuriste – Game

Download Destiny Warfare : Fps Futuriste

Destiny Warfare is a novel PvP shooter. It’s really plainly inspired past times the pop Destiny franchise. We’re non certain how they got away alongside that naming to survive honest. In whatever case, the game is truly variety of fun. It features solely PvP fight inwards a multifariousness of game modes. The game besides includes custom , a rarity inwards the PvP shooter space. Some other game play features are jet packs, decent graphics, in addition to slow plenty controls. It’s a freemium game, simply the freemium materials is by in addition to large cosmetic. The developers besides stated that controller back upward was coming inwards a futurity update.

Download Destiny Warfare : Fps Futuriste

s really plainly inspired past times the pop Destiny franchise Destiny Warfare : FPS futuriste

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Download Nova Legacy Game

Download Nova Legacy Game

Android. NOVA Legacy is the latest installment too it’s already 1 of the best gratuitous Android . It comes pack alongside improve than average graphics too controls. There is equally well a floor line, online multiplayer mode, too a rudimentary crafting system. The game has a sc-fi floor line. Thus it brings something a piddling unlike than nearly mobile shooters. It’s non the best shooter available, but the price tag should concur upwards alone right for a few dozen hours of fun before the freemium materials gets annoying. We equally well recommend ignoring any claims that this game is small. It absolutely is not.

Download Nova Legacy Game

Size: 30MB
 NOVA was 1 of the starting fourth dimension successful starting fourth dimension somebody shooters on Android NOVA Legacy