Clubhouse says it makes android app

  The popularity of the Clubhouse voice-based social media platform has experienced tremendous growth in recent months. The call-only service, which is currently only available to iPhone users, has already reached more than 600,000 registered users, and now plans to leverage the Android user base. In a recent blog post, Clubhouse announced that it had … Read more

The Tale of ChatOnGo for Business

The dawn of Business Communication apps brought a lot of opportunities to be cashed on. The fact that communication gaps were directly proportional to the attrition rate of the organization had made the advent such apps unavoidable. Business communication apps were the next big thing that the world needed. Soon came an overabundance of team … Read more

How to Convert Image to Text on iOS and Android

Can you imagine your life without smartphones? Probably you can, but it would be a catastrophe. How would you connect with your family and friend from anywhere? How would you take a quick selfie whenever it is a good moment? How would you remember to do all the things from your list? In a nutshell, … Read more

5 Smartphone Apps That Parents Need To Worry About

Owning a smartphone filled with countless apps that can help one from keeping track of their appointments to telling them how many calories they have lost by walking down the road is a norm these days. Yet, there are a few apps that parents should worry about as soon as they see them on their … Read more