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Review Game of Spellweaver 

As a fantasy-themed carte game inwards which yous duel your opponent alongside monsters equally good equally magic, Spellweaver is easy to choice upwards equally good equally empathize for anyone familiar alongside Magic: The Gathering, but a well-designed tutorial tin can besides easily bring newbies upwards to speed.  Spellweaver’s visuals are attractive equally good equally flavorful, alongside one-half dozen factions boasting a multifariousness of monsters, heroes equally good equally spells that complement different strategies. Nothing mind-blowing here: you’ll find noble knights, savage orcs, creepy undead equally good equally all the dark-green high fantasy suspects. Nontheless, the setting lends a lot of charm despite beingness familiar.  What keeps the game engaging is the depth of strategy involved. You’ll demand to displace mindful of the speed of your monsters every flake skilful every flake their raw power, carefully choice your hero leader, frontline attackers equally good equally dorsum upwards cards.     Battles vs the AI are possible if yous want to rest casual or but hone your skills, but inwards ane case yous slice of usage out proficient yous powerfulness displace tempted to drive into tournaments against other real human players. Naturally, this is where the IAPs come upwards upwards in, but similar inwards real life carte , although yous tin can besides earn novel cards via normal .

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