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Shift 2 mightiness final the best compromise between realism inwards add-on to accessibility of whatsoever game on this list. It’s not alone the ways the automobile bag – menacing, but capable – but the means it consistently thinks well-nigh what players enquire to perform at a high level. Rather than lock your opinion gazing out over the hood, or inquire you lot to jump for TrackIR to let you lot turn your head, Shift two has a dynamic opinion that subtly changes based on context.

Coming upwardly on a gentle right-hand corner, your opinion shifts a fleck every bit your driver avatar looks right into the apex. For a sharper corner, your opinion swings a fleck more than inwards add-on to thence you lot convey a sense of what you’re driving into, even thence it doesn’t experience disorienting at all. It feels natural.

The thoughtfulness even extends to depth-of-field. This is a wildly overused visual outcome but Shift two uses it to highlight where your attention should be. When individual is coming upwardly fast on your tail, objects farther away pass away a fleck fuzzier slice your mirrors sharpen to razor clarity. As you lot deed shut to inwards dense traffic, your cockpit gets indistinct slice the cars shut to you lot come upwards upwardly into focus. It sounds gimmicky, but it all feels every bit natural every bit driving a automobile inwards existent life. Shift two is really dedicated to communicating the fun inwards add-on to accomplishment of surgical process driving, inwards add-on to it succeeds admirably.

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