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User Features
PLAYER – The player gives your users complete control over the playing music, with next, pause, previus, repeat, volume and other functionalities.

STREAM – Stream page keeps the user up to date with the new content posted by their friends, shows the online friends, friends suggestions and more.

EXPLORE – Explore page allows users to discover new tracks based on the tracks tags, find popular tracks and even discover new friends based on suggestions.

TRACKS – The tracks page displays information about the song such as description, statistics, license types, likes, publish date, categories and comments.

PROFILES – Rich user profiles with cover and avatar images, profile description, social network links, user tracks, following, followers, likes, playlists and more.

PRO ACCOUNTS – Give your users more track size and total space, advanced statistics and even a pro badge with Monthly or Yearly account plans.

SEARCH – Unified search allows searching for both users and tracks at the same time. Search results can also be filtered by people, tracks and playlists.

STATISTICS – Allow music creators to know their audience with advanced statistics such as Plays, Downloads, Likes, Comments, Most Played, Countries, Cities and more.

SHARING – Share your music using the embedded player on any website, via the e-mail or on the major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest.

CONNECT – Your users can easily register and log-in on your website with a simplified registered form. Facebook integration also allows to quickly connect with just two clicks.

Admin Features
DASHBOARD – The Dashboard shows quick statistics about the evolution of the current day along with graphs of the last 7 days, site information and more.

SITE SETTINGS – Completele website control with options such as Amazon S3 storage, Facebook registration, SMTP support and tons of other website settings.

MANAGE PAYMENTS – View or edit all the payments made and manage them with ease. The PayPal IPN integration takes care of everything even in special cases.

MANAGE USERS – Manage your users, view general account information, payments, reports and even delete or suspend them, everything in a few clicks.

MANAGE REPORTS – Built in DMCA copyright form and comment reports will protect your website from unwanted content with options such as suspend, delete or ignore reports.

MANAGE USERS – Manage your users, view and change general account information, verify, delete or suspend users, everything with a few clicks.

PLANS & PAYMENTS – Make the monthly and yearly plans however you want, you set the price, currency, and storarge and the software takes care of the rest.

THEMES – The built-in theme system allows to switch between themes in an instant, changing your website appearance to a fresh new look.

LANGUAGES – The built-in language system allows your user to feel at home by providing a quick way to switch between multiple languages.

SITE STATISTICS – Get insight statistics of your website activity such as user registration, tracks & comments, playlists, payments, earnings, likes, plays and reports.

Software updates
2.0.8 – 12 October 2017
Fixed a rare case where emebdded code would miss a slash
2.0.7 – 28 September 2017
Improved the translation (single quotes can now be used for the Timeago strings)
Other minor improvements
2.0.6 – 13 September 2017
Fixed player buttons not being aligned on Safari
2.0.5 – 9 September 2017
Fixed an issue where tracks wouldn’t play if the extension name was uppercased
2.0.4 – 29 August 2017
Improved security
2.0.3 – 16 August 2017
Improved security
Fixed an issue with Amazon S3 hosted tracks not playing when having special characters in name
2.0.2 – 27 July 2017
Improved download functionality for Amazon S3 hosted tracks
2.0.1 – 19 July 2017
Improved security
Fixed Download links for Tracks hosted on Amazon S3 not working
2.0.0 – 10 July 2017
Reworked the timestamps (added support for singular and plural nouns)
Added Amazon S3 Storage Integration for tracks
Improved the mime detection (better support for iTunes tracks)
Improved the site translation (the platform is now 100% translated)
Improved support for PHP 7.1+ versions
Improved character encoding support
Improved the Themes and Languages listing in the Admin Panel
Fixed an issue with the volume not being saved when 100%
Fixed an issue with the custom timezone settings not being applied everywhere
1.3.4 – 31 March 2017
Updated the Facebook API requests to reflect the new API changes
1.3.3 – 9 March 2017
Added Shuffle option for tracks from Playlists
Added dynamic custom Info Pages (Admin Panel)
Added the ability to change the timezone (Admin Panel)
Added the ability to change the default language (Admin Panel)
Improved the language system
Other minor improvements
1.3.2 – 9 February 2017
Added Account Deletion option (users can now delete their own account)
Improved the user deletion function in Admin Panel (tracks and arts are permanently deleted)
Updated the jQuery library to the latest stable version
Other minor improvements
1.3.1 – 4 January 2017
Updated the PHPMailer to 5.2.21 (security fix)
1.3.0 – 20 December 2016
Fixed the stats filter for tracks not working when permalinks are enabled
Fixed special characters not being displayed correctly on the player bar
1.2.9 – 12 November 2016
Reworked the dynamic page load system
Added Rewritten URLs for the entire User Area (Stream, Explore, Profiles, etc)
Improved site speed by caching all the uploaded images for longer periods
Other minor improvements
1.2.8 – 14 October 2016
Added support for servers running MySQL in STRICT mode
Improved HTTPS support (Google fonts will now load via a secured source)
Improved the @mentions, #hashtags and URL parsing system
Improved the translation
Other minor improvements
1.2.7 – 12 July 2016
Added special characters support for the DMCA reports
Added CSS classes to allow styling chat message containers based on authors
Added title tooltips for Like, Add and Share buttons
Fixed the captcha image not refreshing on Firefox and Edge browsers
Fixed the play count adding extra counts when pausing/playing
Fixed the tags field allowing empty tags in a rare case
Fixed the Liked Tracks pagination failing to load new pages in a rare case
Other minor improvements
1.2.6 – 18 May 2016
Improved security
Fixed the @mentions urls in comments not loading dynamically
Fixed the Connect Modal showing both Login and Register tabs in special cases
Other minor improvements
1.2.5 – 17 April 2016
Added multi-file upload (you can now upload an entire album at once)
Added client side upload verification (faster errors without uploading files)
Updated the embedded player to count plays at the start of a song
Improved the English translation
Fixed the visual notifications for new users not being ON by default
Fixed the Popular section on Welcome page showing private tracks
Fixed the track being saved when an error occured during artwork validation
Fixed the track artwork being saved when an error occured during track validation
Fixed the track artwork not showing when being shared on Facebook
Other minor improvements
1.2.4 – 25 March 2016
Reworked the General, Users and Social settings pages from the Admin Panel
Added Upload Progress bar
Added SMTP integration
Added “Blocked Users” page in Users Settings which shows all the blocked users
Added “Likes” and “Playlists” buttons for quick access in the drop-down menu
Changed the way plays are counted (now they are counted at the start of a song)
Improved the English language
Fixed the Popular and Liked Music filters showing private tracks
Other minor improvements
1.2.3 – 8 February 2016
Reworked the player (both the interface and the functionality)
Added player controls support on mobile devices (next, prev, auto-play, etc)
Added infinite scroll functionality for comments
Added new CSS classes to the sidebar filters, song authors and friends list
Added the ability to display the site categories (tags) on the welcome page
Added the ability to display up to 20 popular tracks on the welcome page
Added the ability to display the latest tracks (up to 20) on the welcome page
Improved the player (up to 100% faster initialization when changing tracks)
Improved the way the volume is saved (now uses localStorage instead of cookies)
Improved the English translation
Fixed an issue where a double tap would be required to play tracks on mobile
Fixed the plays counter not counting on embedded tracks after the last update
Fixed an issue with the sub-pages of non-existing tracks being accessible
Other minor improvements
1.2.2 – 25 January 2016
Improved the search input behaviour
Fixed the upload and edit forms not submitting after the last update
Fixed the plays counter not counting after the last update
1.2.1 – 23 January 2016
Added keyboard controls: Space (play/pause), [R]epeat, [M]ute, > (next), < (prev)
Added infinite scrolling when hitting the end of the page on Desktop browsers
Added automatic new tracks load when on last track on the page
Added Facebook profile image fetch when registering trough facebook
Added current password confirmation requirement when changing a password
Added password repeat confirmation requirement when changing a password
Added security protection against CSRF attacks
Added “View Comment” button for the reported comments in the Admin Panel
Added visual highlight for comments when viewed from the Admin Panel
Improved the search results on Enter keypress (now it loads dynamically)
Improved the user deletion message (now shows the username instead of the id)
Improved the English translation
Changed the default search filter to Tracks instead of People
Changed the minimum password length from 3 to 6 characters
Fixed an issue with the emulated Payment appearing as being a Monthly plan
1.2.0 – 4 January 2016
Added an icon on the top bar which indicates when logged-in as Admin
Improved the Live Search (now excludes private and suspended tracks)
Improved the User Deletion function (likes counter of liked tracks is now updated)
Improved the Image and Cover upload functions (old images are now deleted)
Improved the Track Art edit function (old image is now deleted)
Improved the English translation
1.1.9 – 11 December 2015
Added “Promote” option to promote an account to Pro Status in the Admin Panel
Added “Restore” option to the suspended tracks in the Admin Panel
Added track tag characters length limitation
1.1.8 – 4 December 2015
Fixed an issue with Popular and Liked Music Pages showing tracks duplicated
Improved the listing player (now it updates when you load up new tracks)
1.1.7 – 26 November 2015
Added track artwork of the current playing song to the top bar player
Improved the listing player (now it updates when you navigate on another page)
1.1.6 – 15 November 2015
Added Facebook Open Graph image tag (helps selecting the correct image when sharing)
Added “alt” attribute on track artwork imshrd (improves search engine image results)
Fixed the connect form not showing up when clicking “Report Copyright Infringement”
Improved the meta description on track pages
Improved the English translation
1.1.5 – 4 October 2015
Improved the English translation
Fixed an issue with the Playlist Search not loading up new results
Removed the favicon from the embeded player
1.1.4 – 25 September 2015
Changed the number of #hastags displayed for tracks & playlists from 10 to 15
Fixed the #hashtags not being displayed properly when they were numbers
Fixed the #hashtag links in comments not being linked properly
1.1.3 – 1 September 2015
Improved the English language file
Fixed the track tags on the “Liked Music” page
Fixed category name allowing special characters in Admin Panel
1.1.2 – 28 July 2015
Updated the Facebook Login to reflect the new Facebook API changes
1.1.1 – 12 July 2015
Added “Recommended” tracks on the Track page
Added “Join Date” of Users in the Admin Panel
Improved the track removal functionality from playlists
Fixed the page load of “Liked Music” and “Popular Music” filters
1.1.0 – 23 April 2015
Added a new Explore filter: Liked music
Added title tooltips for the top player
Improved the upload validation process (text inputs are now validated first)
Improved the profile links within the Admin Panel (now link to the Manage Users)
Improved the translation
Updated the Documentation (Developers section)
Other minor improvements
1.0.9 – 2 April 2015
Improved the comments mouse hover spacing
Improved the Admin page title
Other minor improvements
1.0.8 – 15 March 2015
Added anchor link to the current played track title on the top player
Fixed the profile description being removed after profile image was updated
Fixed the profile links in the chat message not being loaded dynamically
Other minor improvements
1.0.7 – 23 February 2015
Added downloads statistics (downloads counter for tracks, who downloaded the most)
Added IP logging for user registration
Added Admin option to limit the number of accounts registration allowed per IP
Added Open Sans font site-wide
Improved the player support for mobile devices
Improved the home-page (new animated background and other changes)
Improved interface elements (counters, statistics)
Improved the file name detection
Improved the translation
Fixed an issue with the base link of the track
Fixed the themes thumbnails not being correctly linked
Fixed an issue where invalid usernames profiles would allow html tags
1.0.6 – 15 November 2014
Added a minimum required characters for the password field on Password Recovery page
Fixed an issue where the register email when signing up with Facebook was being sent empty
Fixed the password successful recover message
Fixed the playlists names, explore and search page allowing special characters into name
Fixed an issue with reports wrongfully appearing on Reports tab on users accounts
Other minor improvements
1.0.5 – 20 October 2014
Improved character support for the playlist names and descriptions
Improved character support for tags on tracks (categories)
Improved the translation (‘Like’ string is not used for the CSS class anymore)
1.0.4 – 14 October 2014
Added titles for the Explore, Notifications and Search page
Improved the display of sidebar categories from the Explore page
Improved the themes listing in the Admin Panel
Improved the #hashtag search results
Improved the translation
Other minor improvements
1.0.3 – 8 October 2014
Added Popular Music filter which will display the trending music in the last 7 days
Added Stream and Explore menu button highlight (now they appear as active when on page)
Improved the download function (now it gets the Title name of the track)
Improved how the category text are being displayed on the tracks
1.0.2 – 6 October 2014
Added meta description for Tracks, Playlists, Profiles, Go Pro and Welcome page
Other minor improvements
1.0.1 – 4 October 2014
Improved the dynamic page loading
Improved Safari compatibility
Improved the username generator when registering with Facebook
Fixed a wrong url parameter
Minor language improvement
1.0.0 – 3 October 2014
Initial Release

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