Top 10 tips motivation Neil Patel’s should read now!

Top 10 tips motivation Neil Patel’s should read now!

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Hello! Friends, today we will take a look at Neil Patel’s blog ideas and tips to help you learn more about blogging success and encourage you on your journey blogs.

Thoughts and ideas are paramount in all our lives, especially when someone who has real experience and has used them to his / her success.

Always and forever it is good to gain knowledge of a trustworthy, intelligent, and honest who is the master of the things we’re looking for, and Neil Patel is probably the only one.

Collection of thoughts and ideas Dream Team helps create possibilities that we can use and go to our success.
I know that everyone has their own ideas and these are the must-have things for everyone. But if we have complete knowledge then our ideas are the as poor structure of the English sentence. Therefore, we need to organize them the right way to avoid grammatical errors.
And in the same way, we have to combine our ideas with ideas from someone who knows all about them.

Learning will never tire.

Before we read neil patels tips it is good to know little bit about him.

who is Neil Patel?

Neil Patel is the Co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, Quicksprout and Kissmetricks. Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom are the companies that Neil has helped increase revenue. According to President Obama, Neil it is one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 and one of the 100 entrepreneurs under 35 according to the United Nations. For more, it has been awarded the recognition of the United States Congress House of Representatives.
You can learn more about him from here

Neil Patel’s Ideas

Please note that these ideas are collected from Neil Patel’s comments readers / viewers. which they are responses to comments. Our goal is to help learn from it and we want you to feel motivated him, learning new things.

Neil Patel’s  Blogging Tips 

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1. Hey brother Neil, it is possible to rank in top-level keywords, such as ‘blogs’ when pros like you?

  • It’s possible. Definitely not quick and easy. But it is possible.

2. I have the traffic, how to monetize my traffic?

  • Find out what your traffic is looking for, and provide a great solution.

3. Refers to ‘delete items’ that do well even in the long run?

  • Can redirect to other similar items that are doing better in their site.You can redirect them to new items, relevant, not just remove them and that’s it.

4. How to make SEO if searches are low and competition keyword is high?

  • focus on the same things … the quality of the content, which is the most important in anything.

5. Neil, im using canva for quite some time. What are animated infographics? please suggest a software tool to produce effects.

  • Biteable is a great tool!

6. How do you write about sensitive issues and create headlines?

  • by understanding what the target audience is looking to hear.

7. I love your videos and blogs. I have a question I do keyword research and why?

  • you should definitely do keyword research so you can understand what type of content should be written.

8. agree with others that suggest we should write 1500+ words to be favored by search engines?

  • My goal for 2000 words per post. That’s the sweet spot I’ve found in my experience.

9. Neil Thanks for the information. What are some points that would give it a new entrant to increase the chances of being seen, more traffic and SEO?

  • understand your competition and target audience. That’s the best advice you need to get started.

1o. Hey Neil, I have a question what should be the frequency of publication right?

  • try different frequencies to see what works best for your audience. I publish a new article a week now.


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these are the Top 10 motivational tips from Neil Patel you must read right now! . 
I am sure following some professional bloggers and reading their articles help us lot to improve our knowledge and blog or website performance and neil patel is the one that you can learn from. he will lead you on the right path to begin your journey. following him you can avoid deadly mistakes. for more ideas from him read his articles here and learn blogging. 
thank you so much for being with us, hope you like this article. for more interesting articles like this keep visiting.
wishing you Success!

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