How to get more traffic on our blogspot

How to get more traffic on our blogspot

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 If you have just started a blog,


looking for ways to make your blog a famous one! That�s it, all we need desire if we are having a blog that we are planning to have a long run.

But to do all this and to lead it for the long run the first thing is to get some traffic especially from google which is the only thing that will provide you true motivation that you are going to realize with the time comes next.

How to get more traffic on our blogspot ? this is the most asked questions by all the bloggers, even by the experts, professionals, and masters and the reason is after all none is the born blogger. You must not forget everything starts at zero!

If you want to know how to increase blog traffic on blogspot

Be here, this post will lead you through the reality you should never leave behind.
Before we go further I want to clear it that this post is for both beginners and advanced and will help those small bloggers and also will be helpful to those who were small Some days in the same ways.

Honestly, my main goal is to provide the best content strategy especially to those who are running their blogs on Blogspot platform and using free hosting and even free domain.

I was really tired of searching on the internet, how to get traffic on our blogspot and related queries and I believe everyone does the same until he gets a satisfactory amount of organic traffic that he generates from google.

Meanwhile, you should be knowing what are some mistakes that you keep doing.
Many beginners avoid proper topic selection, keyword research, quality, article length, in short, they don�t follow the content strategy and these are the mistakes which we do.

I know the strategy and all this I am here today to tell you is my experience but remember one thing, don�t follow the experiences but follow the experiments! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

How to get traffic to your blogger


Please read this content strategy carefully!

Finally, without wasting any time let�s dive into the best content strategy together to increase traffic on blog.

How you should be selecting a keyword/keywords?

how to increase traffic on blogger

Now the first game changer point is Keyword selection or keyword research, do you know how you should select a single keyword or make a keyword list for your article?

The first thing among all is to have content ideas in your mind then all you have to do is to select keywords,

The best way to select a keyword is to focus on low search volume,


Probably it has reasons,

Low search volume keywords are very important for the article to be ranked higher in search engines because they have low competition.

you should be targeting keywords having monthly searches 100, 200, 250, 300.
Believe me, it is not a joke!

The main important part of targeting these keywords are unique visitors. Yes, a blog with unique visitors tends to have high domain authority! Unique visitors can give your blog high authority in quick time.

I am not saying that you should not targeting keywords with medium or little bit high volume but without domain authority or blog development you can not select them or rank them and low search volume is only to give you strong authority!

So first go for low search volume keywords, increase authority and then go for higher volume.

How to get traffic to my blogspot ?

After first step is done, go for content creation. Take your keyword research in use and create a content in the ways suggested below.

Create contents of content

how to get more traffic on blogspot

Always avoid narrow topics and narrow ideas! Select a wider topic with multiple ideas and that is the best content strategy that will gain you more traffic.

Focus on creating a lengthy article a lengthy content that has multiple ideas or subtopics or sub contents.

All you have to do is to create main content and sub-contents related to the main content��

For example,

Keyword research is your maincontent

Then create sub-contents around your main content,

Again for example,

       How to select a keyword for article
       What is keyword density in article
       Top 5 keyword research tool for bloggers
       How to find long tail keywords

Let�s see another example to make clearer strategy!

       Main content


Take a look at the first topic example (keyword research)

Here keyword research is the main topic and others are subtopics or articles and in the second example 4 chinese apps is main content and the other for are sub contents and all the sub contents are Chinese apps (selfiecity, pitu, makeup plus, and meitu)
Be sure, all the articles should be following the first method, low search volume. Use low search volume keywords for all the articles whether it is main content or sub contents.

After creating all the contents, follow the last step

Get more traffic on blogspot blog  

Arrange and implement all the articles together!


boost blog traffic

Yes, the final step is to arrange and implement all the articles together carefully
You have successfully done keyword research, collected ideas and created contents.

Now go for the most important step

Arrange them together according to their proper place and requirement.
I am not saying to combine all the articles together, I am telling you to copy their link and implement all in the main article in their proper place..

See the example below!

Main article

 Title: What is keyword research

Keyword research is the way to select proper keywords for your article����
Click here to know top 10 keyword research tool ( sub article)

see one of my article following this strategy, click here to see the post i wrote.

The main article is
Top 4 chinese beauty apps and other articles are sub articles.

Why this is important?


First of all, this kind of strategy will reduce the bounce rate of your blog and users will visit your all interlinked posts or sub-articles and the page views will increase. Thus they will spend more time on your blog.

You will be able to rank your article interlinking with each other. it is the best way to index your article on google and rank it quickly. Google�s experts have already confirmed this method to be quicker to index and rank all the posts and articles on google and other search engines.

As all the interlinked article having low search volume keywords will help your blog get a strong domain authority and will make you able to target high volume keywords in future.

After all, this method will increase your blog traffic very soon.

And I am sure after applying this method on your every article you will not be asking how to get more traffic on blogger,I suggest you to keep doing this for consecutively and if you stay consistent, believe me, you will see organic traffic coming to your post.

I hope you learned how to get traffic on your blogger,

Thank you for giving us your precious time,

And we strongly hope that this post will be helpful for you, to read more interesting posts like this keep visiting us!