Best 4 Blogger SiteMap Generator Tool For Blogspot Users


Best 4 Blogger SiteMap Generator Tool For Blogspot Users

Hello to our fellow readers. We just came along with this help to assist new bloggers who wants to create a site-map for their blogspot blog. Continue reading as we get you fully entertained with how
to create a sitemap for your blogspot blog using the Blogger SiteMap Generator Tool Online.

For long we’ve been here, getting you filled on various part of living online as a newbie or Guru on the Internet. If have been featured on various blogs in India and Nigeria for our good work.

So let’s get started with what brought us to this very page as we firstly look at what a sitemap is/mean.

What Is SiteMap/Blog SiteMap

Sitemap as the name implies is a Map of a website which tells the search engine and bots what pages, content, tags e.t.c are available on the site. SiteMap works handy with the robots.txt file, but the only difference is that the robots.txt file only control bots in telling them but part on the siteMap they are alowed to crawl.

Without a sitemap, your site won’t have that effective crawl and index rate from search engines which means you surely will be loosing alot of traffics and other goodies which Wavyearners Team are sure you never want to.

SiteMap Example and How They Looks Like

Blogsot/blogger sitemap doesn’t really looks like that plain Map you use to know about or even see everywhere around you. Instead, it’s a command script which tells the search engines what pages or sections that are navigable on a blog.

Just as mentioned above, without a sitemap; it means you’re really missing a lot of search traffic because the search engines won’t be able to know the pages they are to crawl on your site.

Let’s look at what a ready made SiteMap looks like on a blogger blog

SiteMap Examples for users

How To Create A SiteMap On Blogger With SiteMap Generator Tools For Blogspot

To create a sitemap on blogger blogspot is never an easy task in the past but really easy know as you are reading this article about “Blogger SiteMap Generator Tools”. On this post, I promise to teach you how to create a sitemap for your site to help make your site search engine friendly.

We have lots of ways of creating Site-map on Google blogger or blogspot but on this post, I will teach you the best way that works great for me so as to make your website grow like mine.

Here are some useful links of Blogspot Sitemap generator tools you can use to create your sitemap on blogger fast.


The Above four are the best sitemap generator tool in generating a befitting xml sitemap for your blogspot blog. Try them out and live a comment below if you need any further help.

Now that you’ve learn how to create a sitemap on blogger, it’s time to submit your sitemap to Google search console or Google webmaster tool so as to start benefiting the best out of your site.

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