11 WordPress Plugins Your Small Business


11 WordPress Plugins for your Small business

You can’t live without one of the great things about using WordPress CMS for your Small Business blog is plugins. As a small business owner, you probably recognize that time is money. And anything that can save you time, is worth the money-especially if it is free. 

In the year that you’ve been using WordPress for my Site and blog, I’ve discovered some great plugins that can help you not only save time but can also help visitors share your content, navigate through your website, help search engines crawl your website and help with SEO on the page and off the page. WordPress plugin, for those of you who do not already know, is in addition to the WordPress blog platform that extends its functionality.  Before jumping right in and adding all of the plug-ins that catch your fancy, however, it is important to realize that plug-ins can slow down your download speed and it’s best to use the plugins that have been tested with your theme.

Here there are 11 WordPress Plugins Your Small Business:

1. All-in-one-SEO pack

While some themes don’t come with built-in SEO capabilities, if they don’t, this free plug-in makes search engine optimization quick and easy. When you subtract a new job, as part of your process, you can add the page title, description, keywords, and other information. You can edit each section so that you have control over how it appears in the Search engine results page.

2. Google Analytics for WordPress

This plugin makes it easy to integrate Google Analytics with your blog. Google Analytics is the Golden standard for tracking blog traffic, average accommodation, bounce rate and other important metrics, so people recommend installing this ASAP, even if they don’t have immediate plans to check it out. This way, you will have statistics if you ever decide to use them.

3. Akismet

This is the official plugin from WordPress to filter spam comments. This plugin handles automatic or unwanted comments from those who seek link juice. It stores them in one place and gives you the option to permanently delete them from your queue.

4. Google XML sitemaps

This plugin will create a specific XML sitemap for your site. A search engine Sitemap helps you do a better job of crawling and indexing your blog content. It’s like a GPS system for search engine spiders. This plugin would also alert all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing that you have posted new content on your website.

5. Broken link checker

This plugin checks your blog for broken links and lost images and notifies you on the dashboard if any.

6. Zemanta

Find relevant content in your post and suggest related content and images, from inside and outside your website, to link to them.  It does so easily and you can link to other media with just one click.

7. Nrelate

This plugin is the best way to view related content from your website and blog. It continually analyzes your website or blog content and displays other related content from your site at the bottom of each post. This facilitates navigation for your readers, increases the time of visitors on your website and helps old posts float on the surface.

8. Tinymceadvanced

This plugin is a superior visual editor that allows the user to edit HTML content in a way that is more easily used. With that you can easily change the fonts, bold, italic and this plugin offers a lot of features above and above the default editor provided by WordPress.

9. Jet

Jet is a full set of features packed into one simple and free plugin developed by WordPress themselves. You can do things like tracking analytics, grammar checking, and much more. It also makes it easy to check your analytics on the go with your smartphone.

10. Feed

This plugin is the best way to stay in touch with those who may be after your RSS feeds. WP Plugin provides a concise list of the last few posts on your blog. Having a feed account also allows you to get an idea of the functionality that you bring in traffic, how many people subscribe to your RSS feed and the posts that you lose subscribers to.

11. Digg-digg social sharing

With this plugin, you’ll be able to embed such social icons like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon for instant sharing. An extra bonus for this plugin is its ability to float on the page, so your visitors will not have to scroll down to share your great content.

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